Breaking Through to A New Medium

Hey everyone, welcome back to the most amazing place on the web, my arts and entertainment blog. I love being entertained, don’t you? I will sit myself down in front of the TV to watch some shows, a movie, play games or whatever else I can do that will keep me entertained. Other times I sit on the bed, reading comics or books or maybe listening to some Tech N9ne music. There are lots of ways for us to stay entertained, and it is awesome when the characters from the lands that entertain us come with us to new mediums. It could be a TV show getting a feature film, comics being made about a video game or so many other things. Here are some of the more entertaining instances of a character/story moving to a new medium.

Futurama Comic Books

Futurama was the funny brain child of Matt Groening, acting as a way for him to do things he was not allowed to on the SImpsons. This meant they could do jokes that would go over the casual viewers head, which is essentially the entire story of the Futurama comics. There are tons available online, I found a great selection for sale at that are worth a read if you are a fan of the series. There are many different comics made from different comic houses, one of the more prominent being the series from Bongo Comics. The comics stay true to canon, and don’t just make stuff up like a lot of TV show comics do. A great pickup for comic fans and Futurama fans alike.

Futurama Comic Book Set

Pokemon Monopoly

Take a journey with me, to the world of Kanot. Except this time you are not running around in the tall grass capturing pokemon to battle with, but for your friends to pay to look at. A well designed game from the people who have been churning out Monopoly games for decades. A lot of the time when buying board games used there tends to be pieces missing, but not when I bought a used edition of Pokemon Monopoly off of and having every single piece stay in, I might have to start changing my mind. Because of the nostalgia factor with the Pokemon games, this makes for the perfect pajama party game as well!

pokemon monopoly kanto edition

Star Wars Trading Cards

I started playing a Star Wars playing cards game on my tablet last year, and I instantly fell in love. The tablet actually broke and I bought a used one from just so I could keep playing this game! It has characters from all over the Star Wars universe in it and you bield a field of cards to attack and defend against other players. Definitely worth a look if you are into either Star Wars or battle card games.

Star Wars Tradding CArd Tupp