More Pop Albums Expected in 2016

So its Baz here again for a continuation if you like of my last post, which I hope you enjoyed. So we were looking at what albums are hotly anticipated for 2016. Here’s a few more names you might be looking forward to seeing more from over the next 12 months.

Britney Spears

Well if there’s anyone who now seems to have been around forever, its Britney. Apparently a ninth album is just around the corner and expected this year. There’s been a few collaborations going on behind closed doors with various other artists so it looks like the project is in full-swing. 

Gwen Stefani

So she’s been on the Voice USA hitting all the headlines but she’s actually also been doing a bit of work in the studio too. It’s been 10 years or thereabouts since her last album which is crazy. She had previously started on a follow-up but wasn’t happy with the material so it got binned. Now she’s obviously took some fresh inspiration from the Voice and has got a feel for it again.

Zayn Malik

Poor One Direction fans were full of tears around a year ago when he left the group but will be filled with joy again now as there’s talk of a solo album this year. He’s going for a style similar to Drake so let’s see how he pulls it off. He’s definitely talented vocally but it will be interesting to see how he manages things on his own. With the right people around him such if the respected Frank Ocean, he’s got a great chance of making a mark in 2016.

Kylie Minogue

OK, so I said Britney had been around for a while but Kylie just keeps on coming back for more. She released a collaborative album a few months back that she’s worked on with Lady Gaga which went down well so hopefully she’ll have something in the pipeline for 2016. Nothing confirmed yet but Kyie’s passion hasn’t dwindled and you can imagine another album being released before the years out.

Hope you enjoyed, very much a Poppy theme so sorry about that but I’m sure there will be some great albums from the bunch mentioned.