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Youtube Channel Review- Outside Xbox

Hey everybody, welcome back to my Arts & Entertainment blog. I recently picked up a used laptop at http://www.canada.for-sale.com/laptop-i7-8gb after my Ipad broke and have been catching up on tons of Youtube videos. I love Youtube, it's pretty much my number two website to go to after Reddit. In the past year I have added maybe 20 channels to my subscriptions list and I try to always watch their videos unless they are put out every day cuz ain’t no body got time for that. But there are still some channels I haven’t subscribed to but I watch their videos quite often. I don't know if it has something to do with not wanting got give them another subscriber or just not having that type of videos thrown into my Youtube algorithm but I still remain unsubbed as we call it. One of these channels is Outside Xbox, and  is quite popular.

Outside Xbox

The Channel Itself

In general, I enjoy Outside Xbox. It puts out quality videos around the 8-10 minute mark about a topic I enjoy(video games). They also have live streams, play throughs and a news type segment called Show of the Week were they have a general discussion but always cover that weeks news from the gaming world. My favourite videos are the Top 10 style videos they do, although some of the are obvious sponsored content  which doesn’t have much appeal to me. I enjoy learning things about games I have played already, or could have played. These sponsored videos are always related to upcoming games and are essentially just short lists of features for the game, which can include some pretty ridiculous info. Some videos have talked about technical specs of the games, which are not quite relevant to a Top 10 video. Other than these occasional promotional videos though I think it is a good enough channel. 

The Presenters

Outside Xbox has a medium sized cast, crew undetermined. As  to my knowledge there are 3 male cast members and one female, all situated in London. As a Canadian this can present some challenges with lingo but having a British girlfriends I am sort of used to most of those strange words anyways. An interesting choice, the channel has all of most cast members host their Top 10 videos, having only one on screen at a time and switching to a different member of cast for each item they talk about. Sometimes other cast member are heard of screen or are yelled at from the screen and yell back. I couple instance have had small gags at the end of an item of discussion involving another member either coming onto the screen on the camera suddenly shifting to them, giving a good amount of screen time to every cat member.

outside xbox crew 

The Website

Outside Xbox also has a website that can be viewed here at Outside Xbox. The website has accompanying blog posts for each video, which are actually just the exact scripts from the video relayed onto the website but I digress. It is a good way to be exposed to their content without having to watch videos, something lots of people quite frankly don’t have the time to do. The website is quite easy to get around and actually would be a better alternative to Youtube if it has native video hosting as the searching on Youtube can be terrible now a days and this website presents videos in a precise and organized manner. No to mention the fact that the entire website is ad free, and they have a mobile version that works amazingly. 

Why am I not Subscribed?

So to summarize, Outisde Xbox has quality hosts that appear in every video, quality videos with varying topics that may be faltered by a couple sponsored videos with little content, a tremendous website with zero ads, a comprehensive mobile version and better categorization that Youtube has ever had. So why am I not subscribed? Well I don't really know after this. Before I felt like it just wasn't right to subscribe, maybe the sponsored videos which don't get me wrong were absolutely terrible; turned me off. I recently watched a video from them which was most likely sponsored, discussing things in Red Dead Redemption people learned that will be important for Red Dead Redemption 2 which releases next year. And it was actually a good video. It went over some general troupes in Red Dead Redemption that maybe or maybe not will carry over the Red Dead Redemption 2. So maybe they realized the issue with the sponsored videos they were posting and have addressed that, in which case I see no reason for me not to subscribe. I managed to get my Youtube account hooked up to my Smart TV after last week so I am going to lounge on the couch and binge watch me some Show of The Week. See you next week.

red dead redemption 2