Pyjama Party

Pyjama Party

Hi guys, welcome back to my tv and entertainment blog.
As winter draws nearer and it gets colder and colder my ultimate favourite thing to do is to grab some friends and have a pyjama party; jump into whoever has the biggest bed, put on our favourite tv box set, eat masses of junk food and hibernate far, far away from the cold weather.  

Here’s my cannot-be-beaten how to have the perfect slumber party guide.

  1. Find the perfect TV show.
    Gilmore Girls.
    The mother and daughter dream team.  Lorelai and Rory, and their random assortment of friends.   I’m currently bingeing on Gilmore Girls, on season 5 already (Hey Logan!),  in anticipation for the short revival coming to Netflix on the 25th of November.  DVD boxsets are cheap and easy to find at
    Bonus ideas:
    The OC – Seth, Ryan, Summer, Marissa, the sun, the sea, and Sandy and those eyebrows.
    The Good Wife – If you’ve ever wanted to be a lawyer, love female empowerment or if you’re just in love with ‘Mr Big’

  1. Organise the food.
    Carbs, carbs and more carbs.  Winter pyjama parties are not the time to worry about what you eat. Pizza, Pasta, Nachos, Chinese food, popcorn, and as much chocolate covered snacks as you can find.  
    Bonus ideas:
    Peanut butter chocolate bars: possibly one of the easiest and quickest recipes to master, and if you’re a lover of the reeses peanut butter cup, you’ll be in heaven.


And the rest.
You’re going to need a massive sofa or bed to snuggle up on, and all the blankets you can find.  Think blanket fort but less creative and more cosy.  Next you’ll need your biggest pyjamas,
Bonus ideas:
Onesies: Less blankets needed, plus you can dress up as a red panda.  Need I say anything else?

Pajama Party