Small Fridge for Studio

Alright guys, it’s Bazza here again, I’m going to be bringing you something a little bit different this week. It does relate to music loosely in some way but really it’s about what fridge I should buy, for the studio that my friends and I are building. It’s my task to, would you believe it, to kit out the studio with some of the essentials. I’ve already got the microwave, and I didn’t spend too much on that because then it would free up some of the budget to be left for the important stuff, like where to store the beer! :D As musicians it’s important that we are properly hydrated (with beer) at all times. We are restricted on space so it’s going to be a small fridge, but hopefully one that packs a bit of power so that those cans of beer go cold as quickly as possible!


How Many Fridges??


I didn’t realise there would be so much to consider when looking for a small fridge. Can’t be that hard, surely? Doubt whether there’ll be much food put in there so was thinking about a wine cooler/beer fridge. I’ve been reading up and you can get wine fridges that are programmable down to around 3 degrees, and you don’t need your beer much cooler than that. They are a bit more expensive though so there is of course that to consider.  There are also a lot more things to consider. How much space do we actually have to put the fridge inside? It’s one of the least important pieces of equipment in the studio so space is at a premium. How much power will it consume? There are some small fridges that consume nearly as much power as large fridges, so I had to look out for that too. Then there is the fact that do we need a freezer compartment? If we do then we are taking up space for things that we need to put in the fridge, like cans of beer!


I didn’t realise how many brands of fridges there were! Jesus! After a bit of digging around I realised there were a few that were more popular than others, and the popular brands I don’t think I’d ever heard of before! There is a Danby? A Magic Chef? And a Haier! Haven’t heard of any of those three yet they are apparently the most popular small fridges. I had some re-thinking to do!




The Danby DAR017A2BDD seems like a very good fridge indeed. Great power consumption, efficient and apparently the most important brand in the small fridge sector.  A big plus for me with this fridge is that it doesn’t have a freezer compartment, and unless we want to cool cans of beer very quickly, then we don’t really need one! It’s apparently very fast at cooling anyway, so the guys will just have to wait a little longer to get their cold can. One annoying feature though is the background hum, and we are in a music studio, so that could become an issue at some point. Shame.




I found a Haier HNSE04, it’s a bit smaller than the Danby, but that shouldn’t matter too much. It has multiple compartments too and just a small freezer, which I can kind of deal with. Again the problem with this, and it’s supposed to be a rather big problem is how hot and loud the fridge can get. We don’t need any extra noise or heat in an already hot studio. You never know exactly how hot or loud these things are though until you’ve had them for a while and then they start to annoy you.




Now after looking at these two fridges, I came across a gem. It’s expensive but we need to have it in the studio. It’s a fridge in the style of a Marshall amplifier. It looks just like a frickin’ amplifier! It’s got great storage space and is apparently a great fridge, it’s just very expensive… Which is where these guys come in I haven’t found one just yet, but we have a bit of time before the studio will be finished so I am praying that I can find one. I’ve not mentioned it to the boys because it will be the biggest surprise if I can source one of these. If anyone has seen one going cheap anywhere then please get in contact, I would be extremely grateful!