The best portables speakers


Hello ! like you know, I'm a fan of music since I was a child so I already had several kind of portable speaker system.

Nowadays, there exist a lot of different kind of speaker and each of them has its own features, so it's important to have information before making a purchase and that's why I'm going to give you my opinion about the different portable speaker.


My first choice : bose soundlink mini 2


Still very popular, the first Mini Soundlink name had signed the sensational arrival of Bose in the world of the portable speakers. There are not a lot of differences between bose soundlink mini 1 and 2. 

Aesthetic level: this is almost the same, lots of metal, solid and quite heavy. The SoundLink II is very easy to use and the user is guided from the first start-up.

This speaker allows to pair both devices at the same time. This feature is not really necessary but is useful and in addition, up to 8 devices can be stored.


The best point : the audio quality

I had been amazed at the sound performance of the first version of the Bose SoundLink Mini. It is still the case here with this stunning reproduction of low frequencies, surprising for a small speaker like this. Voices emerge very easily and vividly, and the treble is clear and well reproduced. We therefore enjoy a relatively well balanced, musical sound and above all accurate. And this is the same if you are in Bluetooth of in wired. like all the products that you can find on the website bose, the quality of the sound is always one of the best in the market.


The autonomy and the power of the sound are the latest strong point is also a quality of this speaker.

So, if you want enjoy of one of the best audio quality for a portable speaker, don't hesitate to buy the bose soundlink, you will not be disappointed.



The best quality/price ratio : Jabra solemate


If you want an idea, the price level for this one is around 80-90euros, compared to 200euros for the bose soundlink mini 2, it is therefore a significant difference.

the materials are of very good quality and construction is both durable and comfortable. Controls are very simple and the first start-up poses no problems. The autonomy is good with 10 hours in activity and 40 days in standby.

 The way you position the Solemate will have an extremely significant impact on the sound: close to a wall, in the middle of a room, on concrete or grass, rendering change at all.The Solemate is basic, not a lot of bass.

The quality of the sound is the main difference with the bose soundlink mini, it's not very good but on the other hand the sound is much powerful and this is what is expected of a portable speaker. So, the main strong points of the jabra solemate are : an excellent construction, it's resistant, easy and intuitive use, powerful and the add of NFC.

If you want this kind of speaker at lower prices, there are many peple who resells or buy their speaker on website like

it's the best way to find cheap speaker and you can find all the kind that you want.


The sound and light of the JBL speaker Pulse



This small Bluetooth speaker is a brilliant in many ways. Very robust and ergonomic construction, it offers the most beautiful light shows that it has encountered on a nomadic wireless speaker.

it easily fits in the hand, it is very solid so it can be dropped,

This speaker is in fact equipped with several stored of LED on all around. You can choose between different modes of animation and even adjust the intensity or the color of the lighting. It is also interesting to note that some light animation modes adapt to the position of the speaker. An internal sensor detects automatically in what sense it is.

Concerning the quality of the sound, it's quite normal, but when we increase the volume, the quality of the sound may become bad.

In conclusion, for a speaker in this range and for this price, we can say that the JBL pulse offers quite acceptable performance.

 That was my opinion but you have to know that there exist a lot of portables speakers and it depend of wat features you prefer. See you soon for my next article !